Eax Movie Catalog

Eax Movie Catalog 2.4.5

Easily organize your movie collection


  • Long list of supported formats to which you can add more
  • Works with several online databases
  • Automatic entry completion
  • Can export to several formats
  • Includes extra tools such as statistics, loan manager, etc.


  • Exporting to HTML doesn't work properly
  • All windows in the program are constantly being maximized


When you're not sure about how many movies or TV series you have, you know it's time to organize your collection.

Eax Movie Catalog can help you a lot with this task. This handy organizer allows you to create a full-featured catalog of your entire video collection, including movies, documentaries and TV series on all kinds of support: disc (CD, DVD and Blu-Ray), video file (DivX, MPEG, etc.) or any other format you add to the program.

The best thing about Eax Movie Catalog is definitely its seamless integration with a bunch of online video data resources such as IMDB, Amazon and more, letting you create new entries in your database with all the necessary details in a snap. Simply click on the "Add" button, enter the title of the movie and search any of the available databases with it. The form will be automatically filled in with all the information Eax Movie Catalog finds online, while giving you the possibility to check the data and make sure everything's correct before saving the entry.

Eax Movie Catalog includes also some interesting extra tools like a loan manager, a statistics area and a script editor that lets you create your own scripts to grab data from other movie online databases. There were only a couple of things I didn't like about Eax Movie Catalog: one is the Import function that doesn't seem to work properly, and the other is the program's insistence in maximizing every single window it opened.

If your movie collection is getting a bit too chaotic, download Eax Movie Catalog and you'll be able to organize it in a highly detailed, perfectly structured database.

Eax Movie Catalog


Eax Movie Catalog 2.4.5

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